cropped-profile.jpgHi there.

I’m Kaylee. Eugene, OR born, raised and happy about it!

I grew up in a Gospel Movement: Where the Jesus-followers of our area endeavor to take the whole Gospel, with all of its Good News, to our whole community.  God authored it, and His people are following His lead.

The term “Gospel Movement” might be a new one for you, so click here to learn more!


I’d be amiss if I didn’t use this space to say a big, “THANK YOU.” to those who’ve prayed, believed, and sown in hidden, sacrificial ways for years.  Thank you to those who have graciously brought me along on this journey, taken me to places where I don’t naturally belong and welcomed me into the family with open arms. Thank you to those who’ve believed in this work, invested financially, and believed in me. I’d have little to write, let alone a place in the story, without your investment.  I’ll never be the same, because growing up in a gospel movement has ruined me for any other siloed way of life.