Gospel Movement | The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city.

When everyone with a shared faith in Jesus, joined by common geography, takes collective responsibility for their city.

When we realize, independently, we cannot touch a whole community, let alone, represent Jesus in a manner He’s worthy.

Where division is clearly seen for what it is: a scheme of the enemy; and we choose many times over to love each other, no matter the cost.

When our love and unity proves the message genuine, because Jesus said it would.

When all of God’s people are activated in their sphere to live as Jesus did, sharing the Good News in speech, in love displayed, and in justice.

As not a demographic, age group, ethnicity or social class is left untouched; and we make maximum impact: in the transformation of lives and the well-being of our community.

And when Jesus is not hard to find, and our whole community sees Him, in high-def, real-time, “feel Him, see Him, touch Him,” full color.

That’s a gospel movement.

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