We all felt the hurt during that season. It impacted the whole body, and it required the whole body to heal. In a Gospel Movement, God uses the body of Christ heals itself; just as in a physical body. Living in a Gospel Movement, you’re certain to hurt. It’s a sign of health.

The Story God Writes . . .

Growing up in a Gospel Movement, my eyes are captured by a larger story. . . It makes you wonder, what is the Spirit of God saying to the Church in our community today?  Our Great God, the Divine Communicator, is still alive and well.  Could He have specific things to say to the Church of a whole valley - our valley?  And could His unified people hear the same message and respond together? Read my favorite story to find out for yourself!

The Colorful Witness

"I want green!" -  "Can I have a blue one?" - "My sister likes pink."  - "Yelloooow!!" - "Uhh… can I have another?" The little boy pointed his pudgy finger toward the balloon fading into the clouds.  "I lost mine."  He tried to suppress a sheepish grin. . . . In a Gospel Movement, the many colors of God, in all His countless aspects, are made known through the Church. . .  When we work together, we see a more vibrant color palette and a clearer witness of Jesus.

Wide-eyed Perspective

Gospel Movement | The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city. I grew up in a gospel movement. I'm beginning to see the miracle of it. It’s a movement of God’s heart that people have prayed and labored toward for decades.  It started well before I came on the scene.  I grew up where it was a joy. . .